Bonjour, we're Francoise & France

Francoise, a.k.a Maman lives in Paris, France. I (France), live in Brooklyn, NY. 

Maman is a mother of 4 girls and an interior architect with a passion for cooking, ‘art de la table' and flower arrangement. Plus, she's an amazing host. 

I'm an industrial designer turned business owner and yoga teacher. I never knew how to cook until we started this blog. I've learned by doing and have had a blast since. Merci Maman!

Our Story

A year ago, Maman had just recovered from a serious accident that put her on bedrest and in a wheel chair for half-a-year. I had just turned 31 and suddenly realized, as naive as it sounds, that my parents were not going to be in my life forever and that I should make the most of my adult years with them.

We started Allo Maman What’s Cooking when I suggested we should work together on a common project that we could exchange over, on a daily basis, regardless of the 3,627 miles that separate us physically. Maman lives in Paris, France; I live in Brooklyn, NY.

Given how great of a cook Maman had always been and how little I knew about cooking (!!), we decided that cooking would be the platform for exchange. We started Allo Maman and have had a blast. Since then, we’ve cooked 100+ recipes… I've kind-of-learned how to cook, Maman has become (like all of us) slightly obsessed with Instagram but most importantly and despite the distance, we’ve gotten to know each other in a whole new light. A huge thank you to all our followers for supporting this adventure!

Love, Maman & France.

Our Cooking

Maman and I's recipes always start with one core ingredient that we each interpret in our own way, based on our personal preferences, everyday influences and cooking skills. You'll find a collection of easy-to-make recipes ranging from amuse bouches (nibbles), starters and salads to entrees, sides, desserts, breakfast and drink ideas! They're all rooted in French cuisine with an international flair. Bon appetit!