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When I cook, I'm all about bright colors... and this recipe is fresh, bright and delicious! It's the perfect appetizer idea for any dinner party or a nibble idea to keep in your fridge for a quick & healthy snack during the week. Bon appetit!

Serves 4  l  Difficulty level: Easy  l  Prep time: 20min  l  Total time: 26min

3.5oz salmon roe (100g)

8 cherry tomatoes (large, round ones)

2 limes, juice and zest 

10 dill pieces

8 tablespoons Israeli couscous

Olive oil, salt & pepper


1. Wash and dry tomatoes. Cut their top off and carve their interior out. I used to a melon baller such as this one to make the carving cleaner. Set the tomato pulp to the side, in a small bowl.

2. Following directions on the pack, cook the couscous. Boil water and cook for 6 minutes. Then drain couscous and drizzle it with olive oil.

3. In a bowl, mix the tomato pulp with the lime juice and zest, thinly-chopped dill, couscous, salmon roe and salt & pepper. 

4. Stuff each tomato with a spoon full of couscous stuffing. Decorate with a dill strand.